These Brands Make the Best Beach Toys for Toddlers – Top Picks of Summer 2018

What can be more fun during a hot summer than a family day at the beach? Toddlers discover a whole new world of sand, water and seashells. And the right toys can spark their creativity for an entire day of fun. Here we list the best beach toys for toddlers from our favorite brands. These beach toys allow our little ones to interact with the sand and water in fun and exciting ways. With toddlers in mind, these toy brands pay special attention to learning, safety and hours of discovery.

Green Toys – Eco Friendly Beach Toys for Toddlers

Green Toys makes some of the best beach toys for toddlers and kids on the market today.  All of their toys are made in the USA and follows the highest safety and eco-friendly standards. The toys themselves are made of 100% recycled plastic that meets FDA food contact standards. What you get is a high quality toy that is BPA, PVC and phthalates free. This means a safer toy that your toddler will absolutely love.

Green Toys - beach toys for toddlers

Green Toys Sand Play Set

Green Toys beach toys set for toddlers

Green Toys Water & Sand Dump Truck Set

Melissa and Doug – Toddler beach toys to spark discovery

Your active toddler will love Melissa and Doug’s collection of sand and water toys. These toys spark creativity at the beach as your toddler uses the elements around them for play. Our favorite is the sea-animal shaped Sand-Molding Set. All Melissa & Doug toys comply with all U.S. and other international safety regulations. The company also has a third party agency test their toys for safety. You are in good hands with Melissa and Doug!

Melisa and Doug - toddler beach toys

Melissa & Doug Sand-and-Water Sifting Funnel

Melisa and Doug - best beach toys for toddlers

Melissa & Doug Crab Sand Pail and Shovel

Melisa and Doug - sand toys for toddlers

Melissa & Doug Sand-Molding Set

Small World Toys – Interactive beach toys for toddlers

Small World Toys offers affordable beach toys for toddlers that encourage learning and discovery while at the shore. These toys allow your little one to interact with sand and water in exciting new ways. We especially love how these beach toys are light weight and perfect for little hands. If you are looking for a simple pail and shovel for your toddler then the Small World Toys My First Beach Set is perfect!

Small World Toys - beach toys for toddlers

Small World Toys My First Beach Set

Small World Toys - toddler beach toys

Small World Toys Double Sand Wheel

Small World Toys - best beach toys for toddlers

Small World Toys Sand & Water Wheel

Quut – Innovative beach toys for toddlers and kids

Quut is a toy brand known for their innovative designs and high quality. All of their products are BPA and latex free and are made of recyclable materials. Our favorite Quut design is their Ballo, an easy to use water bucket especially made for small children. It’s easy for kids to carry and easy to pour! Did you know that many of Quut’s beach toys can also be used as snow toys? Talk about year-round fun!

Quut - best beach toys for toddlers

Quut Ballo Beach Bucket

Quut - toddler beach toys

Quut Alto Sand and Snow Toy

Quut - beach toys for toddlers

Quut Starfish Sand and Snow Toy

Still looking for the best toddler beach toys?

Here are some things to consider when picking out sand and water toys for small children:

Choose reputable brands: Sometimes the cheapest toys aren’t always the best value. Cheaper toys may contain harmful chemicals like BPA, PVC and phthalates. This comes from less than ideal quality control that can come from factories overseas. Choose toy brands with strict quality control guidelines. If you have questions about a brand’s safety guidelines then look up the brand’s website. Reputable manufacturer’s have available information like Conformity Certificates and material specifications.

Avoid small parts or cheap plastics that can easily break: This goes hand in hand with choosing a toy brand that only uses the best materials for your toddler’s beach toys. Cheap plastics can become brittle over time and crack if exposed to water and sun which can become a safety hazard for your toddler. Toys should also be age appropriate and not include small parts that can present a choking hazard.

Choose a fun toy that will last: What we love about toddler beach toys like the ones made by Quut and Melissa & Doug is that our little ones will keep using the toys as they grow older. These toys were made to foster creativity and will make fun sand and water toys for years to come.