10 Fun and Cheap Family Friendly Things To Do This Summer


The summer is long and the kids are getting bored. Unfortunately, not everyday can be a theme park or beach day. But luckily there are lots of free or frugal things you can do in the summer that are a ton of fun. Here are 10 fun and cheap things to do this summer to keep the kids busy,  encourage family time and discover something new.

1. Water Balloons

Make a splash with water balloons this summer. Water balloons are a cheap and easy way to keep cool have fun right in your backyard.

2. Backyard Camping

Set up your tent and have a fun night watching the stars right in your backyard! Kids will love the adventure and change of scenery. Bring smores and plenty of snacks. Best part? Home is only a few feet away.

3. Get creative with sidewalk chalk

Sidewalk chalk is a fun way to spend time outside and get creative! Kids can let their imaginations go wild on the pavement of your sidewalk or driveway. One of our favorites is drawing interactive games with the chalk such as hopscotch and mazes that be played with the whole family.

4. Visit a national park

National parks are a great way to expose children to the natural wonders around us. See big mountains, waterfalls and the local vegetation. National Parks range from free to a small per-car fee, so make sure to visit your national park’s website for admission information.

5. Volunteer Locally

This is our favorite activity on the list. Take a day to volunteer at a local animal shelter, charity or church. Not only will it be a nice family day together but you’ll feel great about giving back. Check your local organization websites or call to see if they accept family volunteers.

6. Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Make a list and see what they can find! You can have children match objects or colors right in your backyard! Have them mark their findings right on a DIY scavenger hunt list. This game is also great indoors on rainy days. How many “blue” objects can you find? Find an object that starts with the letter “R”.

7. Build a fort indoors

Building a fort is a fun indoor activity for a rainy summer day. Allow kids to use their imaginations to build castles, motes and more with just some pillows, cushions and blankets.

8. Go on a bike ride

A great way to get active with the family is to go on a bike ride. Bike rides can be done around the neighborhood or you can change the scenery by visiting a local public park.

9. Free Events in Your City

Many cities have free family-friendly events in the summer. Visit your local city website to see what’s coming up. Free events include concerts, puppet shows and festivals.

10. Bob For Apples

This one is a little unorthodox but whole lot of fun. Fill up a kiddie pool or barrel with delicious apples and see who can bob the most! Plus, it’s a good excuse for the kids to have a healthy snack that day.